Community Bikes Kids Bike Day

At the start of the half-term holidays, Community Bikes held its first Kids Bike Day on Saturday 26th to help local children repair or upgrade their bicycles and learn how to do basic repairs and safety checks.

Here are some images from a wonderful day:

A recycled Specialized and a repaired bike for the sisters.

Corry with his recycled Muddy Fox

Mohammed giving the kid’s repaired and recycled bikes a check-over

Thanks to Lambeth Council

We have just received our first delivery of bikes from Lambeth Council!

A delivery of 40 bikes in various states of disrepair gives our project a real boost.

Over the coming days we’ll be repairing and documenting them and entering them into our bike share lend engine whilst giving one-to-one tuition in basic bike maintenance to Community Shop members.

The bikes come in a variety of different styles and sizes, which will provide the Community Bike bike share scheme with one of its unique selling points – borrowers will be able to choose a bike that suits their needs precisely.