Community Bikes winter wonderland

A flurry of show turned Community Bikes into a winter wonderland this morning and we continue to make progress setting up our project – though it is not the weather to be out cycling London’s roads.

Our new Sheffield bike stands – for when the cycling weather returns

We are very grateful to Lindhill developers for our new recycled bike stand and especially to Lee Fitzpatrick who helped dismantle and load it all up in a blizzard.

For those cyclists braving the roads in these conditions, Cycling Weekly have some tips on staying safe in the snow – but especially after a recent snowfall and before the roads and cycle lanes are properly cleared and salted, we would advise using an indoor trainer and sticking to other forms of transport.

If you do venture out, take care of anti-social motorists who neglect to clear their vehicle roofs of snow, creating a hazard for other road-users.

As Community Shop’s Emma demonstrates – it’s a day for walking boots not cycling shoes.

Last week we attended the London Bike Show and were pleased to make contact with many of the exhibitors.

This week we will be attending Ecobuild to explore the options for insulating our workshop and shipping container office and installing solar panels for heating!

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