Community Shop

Community Shop, the UK’s first social supermarket chain provides surplus food at low cost to disadvantaged communities. More than just food. Community Shop is a social enterprise that is empowering individuals and building stronger communities.


Lambeth Council

Lambeth Council is a cycling-friendly council with a number of useful schemes to encourage cycling including:

Lambeth Council provides abandoned bikes to Community Bikes for repair and reuse.


The Library of Things


A Library of Things is a space where you can

  • borrow useful items like DIY tools, gardening things, kitchenware, camping kit and events equipment
  • learn how to use items in 1-to-1 sessions and workshops
  • get to know your neighbours at regular open nights
  • please note the Library of Things has moved from the Vale Street site and is expected to reopen in March 2018 in Crystal Palace.
  • Community Bikes have taken over one of the shipping containers (the one with the green roof.).